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The Story Ahead

I’m back, and it’s been a while since I written my story! I am still playing Skyrim, but I got caught up playing a Dark Elf warrior. I fixed an issue on the blogs where images weren’t showing up in the stories.

I am going to be playing in Elder Scrolls Online, and I’ve decided to continue this story by switching the point of view between characters in Skyrim and ESO. ESO is taking place in the 2nd Era, so this will let me fill in the back story for Azeriah’s mentor, Anariel. When I started writing the story, I didn’t know what role Anariel would have in it, but now things are coming together! I’ve already started fitting some story pieces together when ESO starts. I’ll be using this blog as a photo journal of my adventures in ESO, tying in with Azeriah’s story arc in the 4th Era when Skyrim takes place.

Finally, I’ll be extending my alchemy tool for use in ESO.

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