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The Skyrim Alchemist

This is the journal of Azeriah Letholias, a high elf adventurer in the game of Skyrim.

I finished the main quest(s) previously as a Nord huntress.  I did not do the bard or mage quests, so this is a new character to explore these quests.  This blog will be an attempt to catalog my journey.  It also will serve another purpose, which I hope to unveil in the near future.

The premise of this new character, Azeriah, is she went to study at the Skyrim colleges.  I will be instituting a few self imposed rules in this playthrough:

1) Walk, or take public transportation.  No fast travel.  Jogging will be used sparingly – I will mostly walk.  Sprinting only in cases where it is really necessary – like running away from something!
2) Staves or daggers, but no heavy lifting of swords or shields.  Swinging a sword is simply too athletic for a wimpy scholar.
3) No thefts or murders.  I will not be joining the thieves guild or dark brotherhood.  These criminal activities would disgrace my family honor.  I will not be taking items that don’t belong to me.
4) I will change into normal clothing when wandering around town.  My combat gear is for adventuring.
5) Most of my blog journals will be “in character” format from the eyes of the character, but I may make a few “out of character” posts when sharing certain game details.
6) Although high elf in origin, I’m unsure whether I will join the Imperials or Stormcloak.  We’ll just have to see what happens!

Since I am blogging about my adventures, I may reveal certain plot points as “spoilers”.  I suggest finishing these quests yourself if you don’t want these surprises ruined for you by reading the blog!

The Adventure Begins!

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