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Alchemy Tools–Coming Soon!

If you’ve been following my story so far, you might be wondering: “If this is the Skyrim Alchemist, where are the alchemy tools?”

A fine question!  A problem that I plan to remedy in the new year.  I started this website two fold:

1) My first playthrough was with a Nord huntress.  I found my imagination filled in a story as I played – emergent storytelling.  I did not play the Bard’s and Mage College quests, as I didn’t feel it fit my huntress character.  I decided to make a mage character, and share the story as it happened.  I wanted the story format to be in words and pictures.  I really enjoy being a Skyrim tourist, stopping to pose and snap pictures.
2) A vessel for alchemy tools.  There are a number of alchemy calculators out there already, but I would like to try my hand at creating one.  I need a personal project at the moment to hone some of my development skills, and this seemed to be a great opportunity to work on a small, pet project.  I have a couple of different tools in the works, which I plan to unveil in the new year.  My goal is for the tools to supplement the story.

Enjoy the holidays!  See you in the new year, with more story and tools!

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